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Fantom League

The Fantom League is a partner game to The Fantom Cup
The League makes use of the teams that you lose from the cup
Your beaten teams go into a pool
You choose the best one for The League

keeping the rest of the pool as replacements

Fantom League uses "Points Per Game"
So your team can play its own games
In its own league
Using "PPG" for position
Here is the look of last seasons final positions

It is a tight and tense league
Two thirds of the teams spent time in the playoffs
There were seven different leaders
And the title and playoffs
Were all decided on the last day

Bonus Games

Fantom League Playoffs

Teams that finish 2nd to 6th
qualify for the end of season playoffs
Check the rules on the app for the format

Top Scorer

The top scoring team takes the prize
at the end of the season

Vase Factor

The last remaining Fantom League team
in the FA Vase takes the prize